Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Case Clicker APK [Update v1.7.5a] Mods: Lots of Money

Clicker Case - A wonderful blend of the simulator and clicker Counter Strike. Here we will be able to buy a key and well be. In this toy, we met a lot of similarities in the popular and least favorite for many Counter Strike.

Screenshot :
Original version
Case_Clicker_v1.7.5a [38,39 Mb]

Case_Clicker_v1.7.5a-Mod[36,27 Mb]
Mod 1
Case_Clicker_v1.7.2c-Mod-1[38,22 Mb]
Mod 2
Case_Clicker_v1.7.2c-Mod-2[38,19 Mb]

What Mod:
Alot of initial Money/Cases/Keys
Mod 1:
1. So Much Money/Cases/Keys
2. Unlocked Jackpot/NetHub(trade untested)​
Mod 2:
1. Much More Money/Cases/Keys
2. Unlocked Jackpot/NetHub(trade untested)
3. So Much of equip​


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