Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fix for game not starting (0x000007b error)

Fix for game not starting (0x000007b error)
Here's a solution to the 0x000007b problem. I found this after wandering around the internet aimlessly hoping to find a solution.

The first 8 steps are to find out what file is faulty. If you already know you can probably skip right to step 9. I knew it was the D3DX9_43.DLL file in my case, but I still wanted to do everything exactly as I read it.

  1. Download Dependency Walker 2.2 x64 from here:
  2. Extract to C:\DWalker
  3. Open a command window (open your Start Menu and type "cmd")
  4. In the command window, enter this command: cd C:\DWalker
  5. Next, enter this command: depends.exe /c /f:1 /pb /pp:0 /pg:0 /ot:MinInfo.txt C:\Insert\Path\To\Non\Working\Game.exe -AuthToken=0000 -seekfreeloading

    I just copy/pasted the command and replaced the gamepath with the path to my broken game.
  6. Open MinInfo file in DWalker folder
  7. Scroll Down to the last line and you'll see something like this:

    Loaded "XINPUT1_3.DLL" at address 0x0000000000400000. Successfully hooked module.
    Unloaded "XINPUT1_3.DLL" at address 0x0000000000400000.
    Loaded "XINPUT1_3.DLL" at address 0x0000000000400000. Successfully hooked module.
    Unloaded "XINPUT1_3.DLL" at address 0x00000000004000000
  8. That's the bad file, in my case it was the D3DX9_43.DLL.
  9. Search for that file in these 2 locations and delete them.

  10. Now download required software and install. I installed DirectX from the redist folder of "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing".
  11. Download a safe app named "All-in-One Runtimes" (

    All-In-One Runtimes checks the installed runtimes of the Windows operating system and will automatically display and install the runtimes that are not installed on the PC system.
  12. Click install, wait for the checks and installs , reboot.

    [I actually got some error in german at the end of this process. And it gave me 3 options Abort, Retry and Ignore. After google translating it seemed that the installer couldn't close some programs before finishing installing so I just chose ignore.]
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